Sinking EDM

Electroconductive Materials and Quality of Surfaces

EDM works with all materials that are electrically conductive. We use easy to cut and electroconductive raw material such as special Cu-alloys (CuW) or graphite as cutting tools. Surface quality depend on adjusted voltage and gap size down to a surface roughness of 0,5 - 0,8 µ.

Sinking EDM Machines

Number Cavity type EDM X Y Z

EDM sinker machines


600 400 350

Small Kerf because of WEDM

We perform high precision Electrical Discharge Machining (or EDM) since our companies founding on Chamillies mashines. This technique offers extreme low cutting width even on huge material thickness and convince with high dimensional accuracy and stability.All electrically conductive materials, regardless of its hardness can be processed with less than 5 µ accuracy

WEDM Machines

Number Wirecut EDM X Y Z

Wirecut machines:


350 300 250

EDM Sinking Machines